The Party with Bite (ages 8 and over)

For 8 year olds and up it’s time to put a bit of bite into their big day.

We aim to make the day as easy as possible for the adults; the kids just want to have fun, and lots of it. To get you going we give you the invitations.

On the day of the event it’s time to party, lots of games (if you don’t wear them out they will destroy the house), including some team games to get them working on winning. It’s not easy carrying crocodile eggs with one hand tied behind your back. Winners and runners up all win a prize.

Of course, it’s not a cool party without a live crocodile, a huge python, some lizards and turtles.

Don’t forget your cameras for great shots with the kids and the animals, especially the CROCODILE!

Sorry, we can’t feed any naughty children off on the day…

But, on completion of the party the birthday person gets their own special party bag with some cool gifts.

If you want loot bags check out what we have on offer to make things a little easier for you. Have a look at our loot bag options to see what is available and the cost.

Cost for a 1.5 hour party is $345 +GST.
Cost for a 2 hour party is $405 +GST.