What we do
We bring our mobile zoo to you! You and your students get the chance to get up close and personal with some gorgeous Australian native wildlife, all from the safety of your classroom. Why worry about the hassle of organising a trip to the zoo when we can bring ours to you?!

Everyone gets the opportunity to touch some of our animals as you find out where they come from, what they eat, what eats them, and how the human race is threatening their survival. With our magnificent mammals, beautiful birds, cuddly crocodiles and our slithering snakes, everyone will learn more about our natural world and what we can do to ensure its survival for generations to come.

Why we do it
We believe that people are far more likely to develop empathy towards our environment if they are able to interact closely with its natural inhabitants. By touching the soft fur of our bettongs, or the smooth and scaly skin of our snakes, or the armour-plated skin of our crocodiles, people young and old develop a connection with wildlife and our living planet.

Some of the presentations we offer are:

  • Australian wildlife up close
  • Animal habitats and homes
  • Animal reproduction
  • Endangered species
  • Animal adaptations
  • Dinosaur discovery

See below for more details. We can also tailor a presentation to suit any themes you may be studying in the classroom (such as rainforests, life in water, etc).

Cost: The cost is $350 per show ( for up to 50 children ) Extra children attending $7 each. All includes GST

If you want to get your students excited about our upcoming visit, download and display our ‘Look Who’s Coming To Visit!’ poster (102 KB).

Wildlife presentations for schools

Cost: The cost is $350 per show ( for up to 50 children ) Extra children attending $7 each. All includes GST