How do you entertain everyone, keep your sanity, and not embarrass your child?
Get Cool Companions for the coolest party!

The two choices available are:
“Survivor Party”
“The Simple Life”

Party goers are divided into two competing teams, winning at any cost. Rules go out of the window. Competing for points to win some great prizes. We’ll take care of everything, including cooking lunch on the barbeque.

First, a chat with the birthday person regarding the party theme, and invitations are sent to you. Then we will arrive and take control of the teenage beasts. Get ready for some group photos with a huge python and very large crocodile.

On completion of the party all the guests will take home a gift, with a little something special for the birthday person.

The cost for a 4-hour party is $880.00 +GST.

Check out our loot bag options.