Sunshine - Inland bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps)Sunshine is one of the oldest bearded dragons we’ve got here. We’ve had her since she was a youngster. She’s visited more school kids than The Queen and been to more birthday parties than she can remember!

Common scaly-foot - Pygopus lepidopodus While he may look like a snake, this is actually a scaly-foot - a type of legless lizard. Scaly-foots (should that be scaly-feet?) like to eat spiders, insects and soft fruit. When people see our scaly-foot they quite often assume he’s a snake. You can tell he’s a lizard, and not a snake, because, unlike snakes, he’s got an ear opening just behind his head.

Boyd’s forest dragon (Hypsilurus boydii) The dragons from north Queensland really do look like dinosaurs! With the crest on their head and the row of spines running down their back, they seem quite formidable! In actual fact, they are very gentle. If you’re in a north Queensland rainforest, look out for these primitive-looking beasts clinging to tree trunks. If you walk towards one, it will try to hide from you by moving to the other side of the tree, keeping the trunk between itself and you.