Traumatised by Reptiles as a Child

I just wanted to say thank you to you for bringing me "Charlie" and his friends to the convention centre recently. I am 43 years old and was traumatised by reptiles as a child and unable to go anywhere  where I may be in the vicinity of them. My phobia was so bad that I nearly jumped out of a train carriage window to escape when a man with a python around his neck boarded. I have been unable to go to zoos with my children,and have to stay at home when bushwalks are planned. We are a camping family and up until recently I have spent the majority of my time, "safe" in the camper trailer.

I attended a workshop which had nothing to do with reptiles or phobias,but simply about living a successful life, in whatever way that meant for you. During the seminar I got a strong feeling that I had to let go of my phobia or I would not be able to enjoy my life without this terrible fear and anxiety getting progressively worse, if that was at all possible. I used to become hysterical and completely irrational, endangering my own safety if the mere suggestion of a snake or lizard was mentioned. I leapt up and ran to find a phone book and there you were, COOL COMPANIONS!

The lady who took my call was so understanding and helpful and within an hour and a half, James the handler arrived complete with the reptiles!

Well, Sunday the 9th of September is one amazing day I shall remember for the rest of my reptile loving life!!!  James, a gentle soul who was the absolute perfect person to help me was unbelievably calm, caring and beyond understanding! He made my attempts to overcome my phobia  possible. What a true gift his loving and soft manner is! He took me very slowly through all the lizards first, talking about their unique characteristics. He actually had me appreciating their beauty. I was allowed to take my own time, he did not rush me and slowly but surely, he got to Charlie. My goodness, I never thought that I would say this but I truly felt a bond. He was so healing. I held for what seemed like 20minutes or more he curled around me and his head went over my heart. I apologised to him for having had so much fear and hostility toward him and his friends for the past 40 years. It may sound funny but I think he understood. A few other people wanted to hold him. He kept crawling onto me I felt so privileged.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the wonderful people of Cool Companions. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone looking for a company who genuinely loves their animals.

Yours gratefully Leonie Douglas.