Caitie was just Delighted

Just wanted to write and say thank you for providing such a fabulous service. Caitie was just delighted. Your animals are beautiful and obviously well cared for. The balance of fun and education was perfect, game time was great for preparing the food. Everyone was very impressed, the children were very excited and yet, completely attentive. As were all the adults!

Thanks again,


It was a Great Way to Celebrate a Birthday


I would like to thank everyone at Cool Companions, and especially James, who attended our party on the 15th November. Very professional service, and all the kids had an absolutely fantastic time. Everybody loved their loot bags, and people are still talking about the party. It was a great way to celebrate a birthday, which also happened to coincide with Steve Irwin day. James did a fantastic job, and kept the kids engaged for the full time. No mean feat with more than 20 kids there!! A huge thank you to James for his efforts. Very entertaining, even standing on the sidelines.

You certainly provided excellent birthday entertainment, and we would certainly be very happy to recommend your services. Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely

David, Jacqui, Jessica and Blake Dobbie

081115 Jessica and Blake Birthday3

081115 Jessica and Blake Birthday4

081115 Jessica and Blake Birthday8

081115 Jessica and Blake Birthday9

Declan's 6th Birthday Party

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for your services today.  I am sorry I have forgotten his name, but the gentleman that came today did a fantastic job. He was great with the kids, his knowledge of the animals was impeccable and was very professional.  A lot of the parents commented on how wonderful it was.  And Snappy Tom was all the kids favourite.

You certainly made Declan's day, and I am sure he is going to be the talk of the school on Monday.

I have attached some photos that we thought you might like.

Thank you once again, and I will be recommending your services to all my family and friends.

Best Regards Karen Flynn

PS, I think my mum is now over her fear of slimey creatures.......




Completely Captivated

I just wanted to let you know that the Roberts family thought that Jamie and his reptile gang were the coolest party guests ever. Jamie had the 21 - 6 to 9 year old party kids (and the slightly older mums and dads!) completely captivated for the duration of the party.

There was plenty of debate regarding the favourite reptile and in the end Sydney? the Python won!

Thank you for making Mum and Dad's life easy and providing the kids with fantastic memories of their birthday party.

I have been asked by several other parents for your contact details which I have happily provided.

Thank you

Melissa Crossley

The Kids had a Fantastic Day

The kids had a fantastic day and Mitch was so excited about it all tho in awe of the whole experience!!! the parents were all like wow awesome and thought it was great esp as the kids were kept interested the whole time!!!! Thank you so much for all your help with getting this organized - even though that's your job - I havent had a party since his 1st so wasn't sure how well it was going to go off!!! THANK YOU!!!



We were Absolutely Delighted

Some quick feedback on the Crocodile Crèche that Cool Companions provided for my son Max's third birthday party on Saturday.  We were absolutely delighted.  The young bloke who came out (unfortunately I missed his name) was outstanding.  He was really good with the kids, patient, interested and really managed them well.  He was a fantastic ambassador for your company - please pass on my thanks to him. The party was fairly big - about 20 kids, and ranging in age from 6 weeks to 8 years old - so it could easily have been a daunting audience for him.  But he did a fantastic job of keeping the kids spellbound which meant that the adults (when we weren't also mesmerised) could actually chat and catch up.

We were very pleased with the whole event.  Thank you very much!

Kind regards, Andrew

Traumatised by Reptiles as a Child

I just wanted to say thank you to you for bringing me "Charlie" and his friends to the convention centre recently. I am 43 years old and was traumatised by reptiles as a child and unable to go anywhere  where I may be in the vicinity of them. My phobia was so bad that I nearly jumped out of a train carriage window to escape when a man with a python around his neck boarded. I have been unable to go to zoos with my children,and have to stay at home when bushwalks are planned. We are a camping family and up until recently I have spent the majority of my time, "safe" in the camper trailer.

I attended a workshop which had nothing to do with reptiles or phobias,but simply about living a successful life, in whatever way that meant for you. During the seminar I got a strong feeling that I had to let go of my phobia or I would not be able to enjoy my life without this terrible fear and anxiety getting progressively worse, if that was at all possible. I used to become hysterical and completely irrational, endangering my own safety if the mere suggestion of a snake or lizard was mentioned. I leapt up and ran to find a phone book and there you were, COOL COMPANIONS!

The lady who took my call was so understanding and helpful and within an hour and a half, James the handler arrived complete with the reptiles!

Well, Sunday the 9th of September is one amazing day I shall remember for the rest of my reptile loving life!!!  James, a gentle soul who was the absolute perfect person to help me was unbelievably calm, caring and beyond understanding! He made my attempts to overcome my phobia  possible. What a true gift his loving and soft manner is! He took me very slowly through all the lizards first, talking about their unique characteristics. He actually had me appreciating their beauty. I was allowed to take my own time, he did not rush me and slowly but surely, he got to Charlie. My goodness, I never thought that I would say this but I truly felt a bond. He was so healing. I held for what seemed like 20minutes or more he curled around me and his head went over my heart. I apologised to him for having had so much fear and hostility toward him and his friends for the past 40 years. It may sound funny but I think he understood. A few other people wanted to hold him. He kept crawling onto me I felt so privileged.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the wonderful people of Cool Companions. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone looking for a company who genuinely loves their animals.

Yours gratefully Leonie Douglas.