Frog In The Throat for Eastern Green Snake


It ain't easy bein' green - especially when there's a mother of an eastern green snake hanging off your backside.

Yes this little frog was a dead certainty to croak, but not without  a struggle.

He knows instinctively that serpents, particularly the eastern green snake, like to attack from the front and wrap their fangs around the head. Notice how froggie's got his front toes firmly attached to a reed to prevent the enemy from turning him and getting a head!

Eastern Green Snake and its Struggles

He has also flattened himself out in a last ditch attempt to dissuade the eastern green snake from going ahead with the meal. But the wide-mouthed snake seemed determined to dine on frog in any shape. Anyway the frog didn't give a stuff after a while when the paralyzing poison of the eastern green snake took effect.

These snakes should come out here and work in a Queensland cane field for a while and see how they like it with a toad in a hole. The eastern green snake don't know how easy they've got it over there in Europe.