Slithering and Biting: The Tiger Snake Files


Australia's tiger snake has a broad head and heavy built.

This snake is a venomous specie that had its fair share of mortality incidents in Australia, primarily in the southern areas. Tiger snakes  have a variety of colours, and there is a wide difference of characteristics of tiger snakes depending on where they dwell. They are also classified according to the island or region where they live.

When annoyed or under the sun, tiger snakes flatten their whole body. Tiger snake are a venomous snake specie. One of the many distinctions of Tiger snakes from its snake relatives is that they give live birth, usually between 12 - 40. Tiger snakes also dwell in suburban areas. Treating snakebites

Tiger snake's potent neurotoxin (notexin) makes it on the world's list of most deadly snakes. Symptoms of a bite include pain in the foot and neck region, tingling, numbness, and sweating, proceeded by rapid onset of breathing difficulties and paralysis. Death rate for this species is over 60% if not treated.

The Pressure Immobilization Method is used to stop the flow of venom through the lymphatic system. Medics employ broad thick bandages applied over the bite site, and down and back along the limb to the armpit or groin. The victim's affected limb is immobilized with a splint. In the event that traces are left near the wound, the medics can identify the type of venom. If you're bitten in Tasmania, you do not need to name the specific type of snake, for the same anti-venom is used to treat all Tasmanian snakes' bites. The availability of anti-venom in most centers has resulted to the great reduction of fatal tiger snake bite incidents.

Identifying tiger snakes

Identifying a Tiger snake means you should keep in mind that color will not likely to take you further because it's not a very reliable method of identifying such snake. The reason for this lies in the large number of acceptable colors for tiger snake species. The best way to identify the Tiger snake is with a scale count or venom test kit, which is, unfortunately, One need to have contact first with the cold slithering and rubbery creature (and biting, if I may add). This is why, for most people, colour-identifying is much preferable.

Tiger Snake