Why Turtles are More Fun and Easy to Pet


Pet Turtles are one of the many preferences of children nowadays.

Pet turtles don't cause noises (barking), allergies (feline furs), possible virus encounter (birds), and most of all they don't bite when annoyed (snakes and dogs). Turtles aren't as complicated to care for as compared to dogs or cats (purchasing either means several costly procedures should take place to ensure the pet's overall bodily security; shots, operations, etc). As though it wasn't enough, you have to provide crates, toys, dog houses, and grooming products.

Pet Turtles: Pet Comparison

Many turtles perish in captivity because they aren't treated and given attention of the same level as to their fur-covered counterparts. It's a common thought that turtles surpasses all animals with longevity, and if they are properly cared for, these animals can live for many decades. This will require pet turtles owner to pay attention to the turtle's food, living situation, and necessary treatments.

Before you jump onto the nearest pet store, the first thing you need to know is what kind of turtle is perfect for you (turtles, like many pets, have many varieties). This is crucial because different species require different environments and diets.

Vacation is inevitable, and so plan to have pet turtles looked when you go on vacation (just as you would your precious cats and dogs). Turtles will need food and fresh water every day.

Pet Turtles: Considerations

When you purchase a turtle, be realistic about its eventual size and longevity. Because some turtles grows to a size that makes them hard to keep, taking care of a large turtle is a bit of a challenge; they will require more food, more water, and more space (and more work for you).

As you already know, some turtle species could outlive humans (you). Therefore be prepared to accept them as a long term part of the family. Do not buy just for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon or because your friend's friends have it, or if you feel that you cannot make a commitment to the poor little creature.

In addition, if you've got a turtle and feel you cannot commit 'properly' anymore, do NOT simply let it go, for the turtle has become dependent upon you for food, water, and shelter. Take the pet to the vet, a shelter, a zoo or call a local turtle rescue group.

Pet Turtles