About Parrots


Psittaciformes (pronounced sit-assi-forms), better known as parrots, could be described as one of Australia's most well-known groups of birds. Parrots are divided into three distinct sub-groups:

Lorikeets Cockatoos 'Typical' Parrots

Each sub-group has characteristics and traits that are readily identified by people who possess very little knowledge of birds. With their brilliant coloration and vibrant personalities, many of these birds are popular aviary species, highly prized and sought by aviculturists worldwide. Indeed this very aspect has impacted significantly upon the parrot's survival.

Australia is truly a unique continent. Following its separation from the supercontinent of Gondwana millions of years ago, both its flora and fauna have undergone a series of gradual changes to produce some of the most diverse landscapes and species of wildlife found anywhere in the world.

Visitors to our shores marvel at both the beauty and harshness of the environment, complemented by its spectacular variety of unique wildlife. Nowhere is this more apparent than when you look at Australia's birds, in particular, that well known, colorful group – the parrots.