Kangaroo hops into expo

Bettong kangaroo

Zane Jackson (The Queensland Times)

IPSWICH wildlife carer Tania Carter has a simple message – look after native animals in your backyard and they will look after you.

With native Rufus Bettong kangaroo Lucy by her side, Ms Carter will be spreading the wildlife gospel today and at the weekend at the ABC Gardening Australia Expo in Brisbane.

She said with so much natural habitat being destroyed for housing and other developments, looking after native animals in your own backyard gained extra significance.

“Take the Rufus Bettong kangaroo, they are a native species, that used to be common around Ipswich,” she said.

“You could find the Bettong kangaroo everywhere but with so many habitats now destroyed, you only find them around Greenbank, White Rock and out to Laidley.

“You don’t have to give up having pets or anything like that; it’s just a case of keeping an eye out, trying to preserve the habitat you find them in and socialising pets so they don’t attack.”

With her Cool Companions business the Redbank resident is spreading the wildlife gospel around Ipswich at shopping centres, schools and parties. This weekend her message will reach an even bigger audience.

Held from today until April 18, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the ABC Gardening Australia Expo will deliver Ms Carter one large captive audience.

“What I’d like to get across is that by living and working together with native animals in our backyards and properties, there are benefits for everyone,” she said.

Bettong kangaroo