Eastern Blue-tongued Skink


Tiliqua scincoides or Eastern Blue-tongued Skink

Eastern Blue-tongued Skink is common throughout Eastern Australia, often found in bushland and suburban areas where conditions are suitable. They are known as blue-tongues because their tongue ranges from bright to dark blue, and they have a habit of displaying it prominently and hissing loudly when disturbed.

The Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard is a stout and slow lizard that grows up to 30-60 cm in length, with brown to grey scales and a barred pattern across the body and tail. The underside is usually pale. Blue-tongued skink Lizards are popular as pets and can live for up to 30 years in captivity.

Eastern Blue-tongued Skink give birth to live young, between six to a record twenty per litter. Young Eastern Blue-tongued Skink can consume the egg sac immediately after birth.

Where Eastern Blue-tongued Skink can be found in Australia: