Cool Companions offers a number of reptile-related courses. Minimum participant numbers apply to all courses.

Basic husbandry - Reptile 1, for those just getting started with reptiles
Advanced husbandry - Reptile 2, learn about keeping and breeding some of the more difficult species
Venomous snakes - Reptile 3, for people wanting to keep or work with venomous snakes
Commercial reptiles - for Queensland pet shops wanting to keep and sell reptiles
Workplace Health and Safety - training of field staff

If you’d like more information on any of these courses, or if you have custom training requirements, feel free to Contact Us. We’ve conducted training sessions and/or lectures for the Queensland Ambulance Service, the University of Queensland, local councils, wildlife rehabilitation groups and many other organisations.

Upcoming courses
Commercial reptile course, for pet shops wanting to sell reptiles.